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Vintage Rum



In 1953, a young man form Belize (then British Honduras) named Jaime Omario Perdomo, along with his supportive wife, Perla, opened a bar called "Travellers". The name came from its success serving traveling clientele along the main route in and out of Belize City. At the time, it was customary that each bar blend their own rum for resale. Don Omario created his blends which quickly became popular as he labeled and branded rum, wine, vodka and exotic liqueurs using local Belizean fruits. Travellers Liquors Ltd. flourished under the direction and inspiration of our founder. As competition from other distilleries grew, Travellers improved consistency within blends leading to the creating of the award winning 1 Barrel Refined Old Rum and 25 other fine products. The tradition lives on through his children and grandchildren who now lead the company.

Don Omario Vintage Rum

First launched to honour the legacy of our founder Don Omario on the 10th anniversary of his passing. A true treasure of a rum with a superb blend, this vintage edition was hand-crafted and first aged by the Master Blender himself - Don Omario Perdomo. This rum has flavors of an earthy background, coffee, chocolate, fleshy non-acidic fruits - prunes, dried apricots and dates.

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