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Other Spirits

Fiesta Rum.png
Classic Gold.png
Classic White.png
Tiburon White.png

Fiesta Spiced Rum

Un-aged rum filled with spices like cinnamon, mixable for fiesta time.

Classic Gold Rum

This light golden rum has a smooth, mild vanilla great. Great for Pina Coladas, Mojitos or Cuba Libre.

Classic White Rum

Enjoy with pineapple juice, bartenders make out of this world  drinks with this rum.

Tiburon Rum "White Tip"

92 Proof, making it perfect for cocktails and rum infusions.

Cristal Lite.png
Kuknat Quart.png
Tropical Brandy.png
3 Star Brandy.png

Cristal Lite Rum

Our Finest white rum, mix with citrus juice to make a cristal cooler.

Kuknat Coconut Rum

Best tasting coconut rum ever! Made with natural Belizean coconut essence.

Tropical Brandy

Our first local brandy and Belize's favourite. It's all in the grapes

3-Star Brandy

Belize's Premium Aged Brandy. We make it so smooth you can even drink it straight.

Lerskaa Quart.png
Blackberry wine.png
Cashew Wine.png
Baron Gin.png

Lerskaa Vodka

Belize made vodka, enjoy with orange juice, grapefruit juice or coconut water.

Blackberry Wine

A Belizean experience when you sip this wine. Blended to perfection by our Belizean artisan winemakers.

Cashew Wine

A sweet tasteful wine made from the rarely seen cashew fruit and blended with our secret recipe

Baron Gin

An Exquisite Gin made from double rectified spirits, perfectly infused and blended with gin from France.

Craboo cream.png


Made from a perfect blend of rum and craboo, a rare grape indigenous to Central America.


It wouldn't be a Belizean Christmas without the traditional Belizean eggnog, perfected over the years by Mrs. Perla Perdomo


Craboo Cream

A fusion of Nance and Rompope. Enjoy straight, on the rocks, in coffee, over flan or sponge cake.


Medicinal Mayan bitters, thought to be an aphrodisiac. A sweet concoction of bitters and secret ingredients.

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