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Aged Dark Rums

1 Barrel Quart Gold Tip.png
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Tiburon Gold.png

1 Barrel

Belize’s first and favorite aged rum.  Award winner of  many Gold and Best in Class since 1990. Mixable and versatile. You can also find this rum in the U.S. and Canada.​

3 Barrel

This rum is bold with a slight undertone of cinnamon and aged for 3 years. Enjoy straight or on the rocks, also with fruit juices, citrus soda or coconut water.​

5 Barrel

Premium 5-year aged rum. Enjoy straight

or on the rocks to savor the smooth oak flavor. Try it with coconut water to make the famous Coco #5 drink.​

"The Spirit of Belize"

Tiburon is a premium crafted small batch rum, blended from a variety of barrels of different ages and re-cask for a second maturation process with aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

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