Aged Dark Rums


1-Barrel - Belize’s first and favorite aged rum.  Award winner of many Gold and Best in Class since 1990. Mixable and versatile. You can also find this rum in the U.S. and Canada.​

3-Barrel (Parrot Rum) - This rum is bold with a slight undertone of cinnamon and aged for 3 years. Enjoy straight or on the rocks, also with fruit juices, citrus soda or coconut water.​

5-Barrel (Prestige) - Premium 5-year aged rum. Enjoy straight or on the rocks to savor the smooth oak flavor. Try it with coconut water to make the famous Coco #5 drink.​


Try Our Recipe!

Coco #5
1 oz 5-Barrel Rum
2 oz Coconut Water (Fresh or canned)
Serve over ice.